Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Vert soon 2023 will be history

It was the first year for us to sell our own yearlings. The year began with a fantastic atmosphere at the Elit Auction in may, but technical breakdown and cancallation changed everything, and eventhough the organizers in both Denmark and Sweden did everything they could for the rest of the year, to bring back the optimism and good spirit, it became – well, let’s just say challenging, so we’ll just have to forget about it and look forward.

Looking on the bright side, all of our yearlings were sold to great and top professinional trainer: Maria Törnqvist, Preben Sövik, Stall Untersteiner, Sofia Aronsson  and Tomas Malmqvist which means that they all will get a chance. 

In the first week of 2024 our three broodmares and foals, who are currently standing in Sweden, will arrive at the farm in Ansager. We wish to gather almost all the horses in Denmar (only IVy Crown will remain in France).

In other words: Very soon all of our 10 yearlings – five fillies and five colts – will be together every day, until Easter, where they will be separated in two groups. We’re looking forward to start working with them; all 10 horses are looking great with excellent papers. Our crop of 2023 is after Calgary Games, Face Time Bourbon, Vivid Wise As, Greenshoe, Muscle Hill, Gimpanzee and Chapter Seven.  

Our racehorses is still in action during the wintertime. Targaryan is racing on December 28 in Skive, while Nouchka du Quattro will be out in Gävle on December 30.

We wish all of our customers, providers, connections and friend MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!