Targaryan (se)

Varenne (it) Waikiki Beach (us) Speedy Somolli (us)
Hula Lobell (us)
Ialmaz (it) Zebu (it)
Baree (it)
Armbro Voice (us) Garland Lobell (us) Abc Freight (us)
Gamin Lobell (us)
Evita (us) Bonefish (us)
Escapade (us)

10. April 2019

Light brown filly

Miles Ahead Trotting GmbH

Panamera Racing

Flemming Jensen


287.620 DKK / 432.577 SEK

About the horse

Bought in 2021 as a two-year-old, and sent for training by Flemming Jensen. She is clearly also bought with future breeding in mind, as a full sister to Even Steven, Sylvester America, Red Rose America (dam of Godfather) and Laurel America (dam of Eric the Eel) there is a lot to live up to both on the races and later as a broodmare.

Targaryan has been an execellent racehorse with seven wins and 424.000 SEK in 22 starts. Her personal record is 1.13,3a/2140 meter and in september 2023 she set a new world record for 4-yo fillies on a 1000 meter-track (Åby in Sweden) with 1.13,9/2660 meter.

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