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Golden C N and B G Pastor Jonte has been sold

Saturday night the internetauction at Travera.nu finished and both Golden C N and B G Pastor Jonte  were sold. Supreme was not sold.   Photo of Golden C N: Kjeld Mikkelsen

Strong performance by Targaryan

Sunday afternoon Targaryan was racing in Charlottenlund in a 3-yo race, where she finished third in 1.15,6a/2000 meter. From position 7 behind the gate Flemming Jensen took it easy from the start, while the later winner took the lead – 500 meter in 1.13,3 and 1000 meter in 1.15,5. With app. 700 meters left Targaryan […]

New broodmare

Home again after a fantastic trip to Harrisburg. Beside hundreds of horses at the auction, we also visited several farms and got to meet international stallions like Six Pack, Muscle Hill, Tactical Landing, Greenshoe, Bar Hoping, Captain Corey and International Moni (photos at the buttomn of this story). Especially International Moni made s really good impression. […]

Offday for B G Pastor Jonte

We had some expectations to B G Pastor Jonte in todays race in Charlottenlund and he was also quite fast behind the gate as second behind the leader, C You Again. After 450 meters Jeppe Juel changed his position and tried for the lead, but just as B G Pastor Jonte had taken over from Cadiz, […]

Golden C N disqualified

Saturday Golden C N – co-owned with Thomas Lind-Holm – was racing at Bjerke Racetrack in Oslo in “Axel Jensens Minneløp for Fillies” with the norwegian driver Asbjørn Tengsareid in the bike. Golden C N was fifth on the inside most of the race, while I D Exceptional was in front (1.12,0/500 meter and 1.13,7/1000 meter), […]

B.G. Pastor Jonte i the League 2-final

B G Pastor Jonte starts sunday in the League 2-final (2000 meter) in Charlottenlund with Jeppe Juel in the bike. He’s fast behind the gate and will get a good race from the current position (1), so we’re hoping for a nice prize. 40.000 DKK for the winner. Program: CLICK HERE

Golden C N to Oslo

Next race for our “Hoppe Derby”-winner Golden C N – co-owner Thomas Lind-Holm – will be this saturday in Norway at Bjerke Racetrack in “Axel Jensens Minneløp” for 4-yo fillies. Golden C N had quite a tough race in Grand Circle 4-års Hoppechampionat last friday in Skive, where she had to trot the last 1500 […]

Another tough journey for Golden C N

Golden C N – co-owned Thomas Lind-Holm – was the favourit in “Grand Circle 4-års Hoppechampionat” friday night at Skive Trav, but she didn’t have much racingluck. After a good start Flemming Jensen made his attack in the third position and after 600 meter (500 meters in 1.11) Golden C N came up to the […]

New victory for Golden C N?

Friday afternoon the last “stake” for the 4-yo fillies, Grand Circle 4-års Hoppechampionat (2060 meter), will be raced at Skive Trav, where Golden C N – co-owned Thomas Lind-Holm – is one of the favourites. Actually the expert in the program has placed her as the winner! The last couple of starts Golden C N has […]

B G Pastor Jonte couldn’t catch up

Tuesday B G Pastor Jonte started at Axevalla. In the last turn B G Pastor Jonte began his attack and made a nice finish, but the competitors were too good and he finished sixth (1.500 SEK) in 1.14,7a/2140 meter.