Nouchka di Quattro over 250.000 SEK

Saturday afternoon at Gävle in Sweden Nouchka di Quattro (Trainer: Mattias Djuse – Driver: Magnus A. Djuse) finished 6th in an elimination for “Diamantstoet”.

She had a good start and early in the race Nouchka di Quattro made her attack, taking over the lead with 1400 meters left.

First 1000 meters in 1.16,0.

Apparently Nouchka di Quattro wasn’t 100 % fit today and was beaten into the last turn. She finished as number six (10.000 SEK or 254.988 SEK totally in her first season) in 1.16,2/2140 meter.

Watch the race: CLICK HERE

Nouchka di Quattro with her caretaker, Ida Rudelöv