From Sweden to Denmark

Yesterday (wednesday) our six horses from Sweden – Jolie Journey and Wilson Wynn from Stuteri PWR and Pink Drink, Champagne Cocktail, Rose Wynn and Prince Wynn from Silvåkra Farm arrived in Ansager!

“Mikkels Horsetransport” had a safe journey in the blizzard and all of the horses arrived very calm and in good shape – thanks for a great cooperation with both PWR and Silvåkra.

With the six “new” horses in Denmark, most of our horses are gathered in Ansager – now we only have Ivy Crown in France and Crysti Dream in the U.S.

Champagne Cocktail in Denmark for the first time

Roomservice Prince Wynn (colt by Chapter Seven-Champagne Cocktail)

Wilson Wynn (colt by Greenshoe-Jolie Journey)