Strong performance of Targaryan

Søndag afternoon Targaryan – with swedish catchdriver Stefan Persson in the bike – made a strong performance in a 4-yo race in Charlottenlund.

Shortly before start Targaryan made a break and lost many meters, while the leading horse was trotting the first 500 meters in 1.11,2 and 1.13,7/1000 meter.

Into the lsat turn Targaryan made her attack and she made quite an impressive finish as third in 1.13,7a/2000 meter.

Watch the race: CLICK HERE


Photo: Gorm Johansen

No BC-final for Nouchka di Quattro

The competition in the Breeders Crown-semifinal sunday afternoon at Solvalla was too tough for Nouchka di Quattro

She was fourth on the outside most of the race and made her attack with 600 meters left.

Noucka di Quattro was looking good, but she couldn’t keep up with the frontrunners and finished 8th in 1.14,0a/2140 meter.

Watch the race: CLICK HERE


Photo: Heselborg Foto


Let’s hope for a miracle!

“Lady Luck” was not on our side with Nouchka di Quattro for the Breeders Crown-semifinals on November 5th at Solvalla.

She’s in the hardest qualify-race and has number 12 behind the gate, so we’ll just have to hope for i miracle!

Noucha di Quattro i trained by Mattias Djuse with Rikard N. Skoglund in the bike.

Program – Solvalla: CLICK HERE


Photo: Heselborg Foto


French Omelette to Mattias Djuse

Shortly French Omelette will arrive at Mattias Djuses stable at Solvalla, where our other 3-yo filly, Nouchka di Quattro, has been for a while with great succes.

The most interesting races for French Omelette is within a radius of 200 km from Stockholm, and it’s too far to travel for Flemming Jensen.

French Omelette is in good shape and will be signed in the next race as soon a she arrives to Solvalla.


Photo: Burt Seeger

Bad luck for Targaryan

Last saturday Targaryan with Flemming Jensen in the bike was racing at Jägersro as a favorite, but unfortunately the made a short break just before start and after that it was a difficult job.

Targaryan finished 9th in 1.14,5/2160 meter.

Watch the race: CLICK HERE


Photo: Gorm Johansen

Nouchka di Quattro ready for Breeders Crown-semifinal

3-yo Nouchka di Quattro – trained by Mattias Djuse – is still getting better and better, and friday night at Bollnäs in Sweden she finished second in a qualifying-race for Breeders Crown.

With Rikard N. Skoglund in the bike, Nouchka di Quattro was fast behind the gate and got a perfect race behind the favourite, Elegance Kronos, who won quite easily in 1.13,8a/2140 meter after 1.13,2/500 meter and 1.15,3/1000 meter.

Nouchka di Quattro was second in 14,1 and is now ready for semifinal at Solvalla on November 5th.

Watch the race: CLICK HERE


Photo: Hesselborg Foto

Mateo Wynn and Levi Wynn sold in Stockholm

Both our 1-yo colts at Solvalla Criterium Sale were sold! 

Mateo Wynn (Muscle Hill-Groupie Doll U S/Kadabra) was sold to the swedish trainer Sofia Aronsson for 550.000 SEK. It’s great to feel. how happt they are and how much they’re looking forward to start working with him.

Levi Wynn (International Moni-Affinity Kronos/Joke Face) was – after a little confusion – sold to another swedish trainer, Tomas Malmqvist for 150.000 SEK, so he’s going to France for training and will be reunited with hos brother Leo Wynn.

That meens that all six horses in our first crop at Stutteri Wynn has been sold – and if we’re not satisfied about the price, we’re very very satified knowing that all six horses will be trained by  swedish top-trainers ((Tomas Malmqvist, Preben Sövik, Johan Untersteiner, Maria Törnqvist and Sofia Aronsson) and they will all get the perfect opportunities to get a great career.

Mateo Wynn. Photo: Lina Alm


French Omelette and Nouchka di Quattro second

Wednesday both French Omelette and Nouchka di Quattro finished second. 

With Flemming Jensen in the bike French Omelette startet in a 3-yo fillyrace in Skive, where she finished second behind the co-favourite Illusion – both in 1.16,9a/2060 meter.

At Bollnäs in Sweden Nouchka di Quattro made her third start for Mattias Djuse – once again with Magnus A. Djuse in the bike – and she also was number two in 1.15,6a/2140 meter.

Nouchka di Quattro was third on the outside most of the race, but on the backstretch she made her attack and a strong finish behind the winner.

Watch the race: CLICK HERE


Arkivfoto af French Omelette: Burt Seeger


14 foals in 2024

After a quite busy season with 12 foals – syv at our farm in Denmark, one in the USA (co-owned with Thomas Lind-Holm), one in France and three in Sweden – we’re beginning to look forward to next year, where we’re expecting 14 foals:

Affinity Kronos (SE) in foal by Father Patrick

Crysti Dream (US) in foal by Greenshoe

Cynical (US) in foal by Maharajah

Explosive T (US) in foal by Face Time Bourbon

Groupie Doll (US) in foal by Readly Express

Isolde Face (FR) in foal by Tactical Landing

Ivy Crown (FR) in foal by Ready Cash

Jolie Journey (FR) in foal by Nuncio

Pink Drink (US) in foal by Calgary Games

Princess Corner (DE) in foal by Father Patrick

Seven Cupids (US) in foal by Calgary Games

Spirited Chic (US) in foal by Readly Express

U Take The Cake (US) in foal by Calgary Games

Wow N.O. (NO) in foal by Maharajah

CLICK on the names for details! 

Prince Wynn (colt by Chapter Seven-Champagne Cocktail)

That means that fem of our 19 broodmares are “empty” this year. Two of them has not been bred due to a late foaling in June, one of them absorbed and one got sick, so we desided not to breed her this year. Finally one of the broodmares didn’t get in foal due to the problems with Francesco Jet.

Right now five of our broodmares are standing in other countries:

Crystie Dream at Concord Farm in the USA, Ivy Crown at Haras de Cornville in France, Pink Drink and Champagne Cocktail at Silvåkra Gård in Sweden – and finally Jolie Journey at PWR Stutteri Ramkvilla in Sweden.

According to plan, one of next years foal will be registered in the USA, one probably in France, nine in Sweden and three in Denmark.

The three danish 2024-foals will be quite interesting: Two Chapter Seven-broodmares (Cynical and Seven Cupids) in foal by Maharajah and Calgary Games – and finally a Father Patrick-mare with excellent bloodlines (Spirited Chic) in foal by Readly Express!

May the “breeding-gods” be with us!

Our only danish foal this year, Montana Wynn (colt by Face Time Bourbon-Casual Rain)

Looking in to the next breeding-season, it’s also time for considerations regarding which stallions to use in 2024.

What’s best for the market in 2026? Which breeding crosses are the best? How does are 2023-foals perform and will there be some new, interesting stallions in 2024?

Thoughts that all breeders probably are facing at this time of year.

Ezra Wynn sold to Maria Törnqvist

Our 1-yo gelding Ezra Wynn (Nuncio-Jolie Journey/Bird Parker) has been sold to Aaby-trainer Maria Törnqvist.

Ezra Wynn. Photo: Lina Alm