Nouchka di Quattro ready for StoChampionatet!

Tonight at Axevalla Nouchka di Quattro (Trainer: Mattias Djuse) with Mats E. Djuse in the bike qualified for the final in StoChampionatet!

She was quite fast behind the gate and followed the leader in 1.11,1/500 meter.

Shortly after the 13:10-favourite Ninetta Boko took over, leaving Nouchka di Quattro as third on the inside.

1000 meters in 1.15,2.

Into the stretch Nouchka di Quattro got the perfect space for a final speed and she finished 2nd in 1.14,4a/2640 meter.

Ninetta Boko won very easy in 14,3.

The final in StoChampionatet will be raced on sunday, Juli 21st at Axevalla.

Watch the race: CLICK HERE


Photo: Hesselborg Foto

No succes for French Omelette

Wedensday French Omelette started at Lindesberg in Sweden and she had a perfect start outside the leader. 500 meters in 1.16,1.

French Omelette took over after 600 meter and trottet the first 1000 meter in 1.15,0.

Unfortunately she was tired in the last turn and finished as number 11 in 1.15,4/2140 meter.

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The stars of tomorrow

Two of this years crop (both registered in Denmark) at Stutteri Wynn are relaxing in the paddock – from left Nico Wynn, colt by Maharajah and Cynical (US) with Naomi Wynn, filly by Readly Express and Spirited Chic (US).

The 2024-crop at Stutteri Wynn: CLICK HERE

Nouchka di Quattro finished 4th

Friday afternoon at Färjestad 4-yo Nouchka di Quattro raced in a 4-åyo fillyrace, where she finished 4th with Magnus A. Djuse in the bike in 1.14,0a/2140 meter.

She followed Gooding B.T.B. from the start – first 500 meter in amazing 1.06,2!

After that it could only get more slowly and Gooding B.T.B. took of the pace with 1.11,1/100 meter.

Out on the last round Nouchka di Quattro changed to first on the outside.

She made a strong performance and took over the lead in the last turn, but unfortunetaly she got tired and finished 4th (12.500 SEK).

Hopefully she’ll get a better race next time – she deserves that!

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Since the last update our racehorses has been in these races: 0

June 16:
Nouchka di Quattro (Driver: Aleksi Flink) made her first start in 2024 was number 4 in 1.14,1a/2140 meter after a strong finish. Prize: 6.800 SEK.
Watch the race: CLICK HERE

June 19:
French Omelette (Driver: Niclas Hammarström) started at Solvalla, where she finished 6th (9.000 SEK) after a strong finish. Next start has already been scheduled to Lindesberg on July 3rd in a qualifying race for Diamantstoet.
Watch the race: CLICK HERE

June 23:
Targaryan (Kusk: Birger Jørgensen) had a very good start and was first on the outside. She was tired in the last turn, but was fine after the race and she’ll be back soon.
Watch the race: CLICK HERE


Old photo of Nouchka di Quattro: Hesselborg Foto

Last foal in 2024

Yesterday Spirited Chic (US) gave birth to a beautiful filly by Readly Express, Naomi Wynn.

Naomi Wynn – Spirited Chics first foal – is the last of seven foals borned at our farm this year. In the  USA Crysti Dream also had a foal.

Her mother, Spirit of Casey (Chocolatier), is a half sister (2nd dam is Hambletonian Oaks-winner Marita’s Victory, 1.10,9a-$ 666.000) as the two top stallions Quite Easy U S (Andover Hall)(sire of Slide So Easy and 16 other horses with more than 1 mill. SEK) and From Above U.S. (Donato Hanover), who is active in Denmark and the sire of Dansk Hoppe Derby-winner Dream Girl and many other fine horses. Marita’s Victory is also the dam of Stick Man Moe (1.09,7a-$ 413.000), Exclamination Mark (1.10,2a-1,1 mill. SEK) and M.S. Triple J (1.11,4a-1,5 mill. NOK).

Her maternal line also includes great trotters like Passionate Glide (1.09,9a-$ 2,1 mill.) and the succesful stallion Mr Vic (1.11,0a-$ 319.000).

Spirited Chic will be bred to Gotland (Ready Cash).

French Omelettes first victory in 2024

4-yo French Omelette havde been improving in her latest starts and tuesday at Gävle she “finally” won her first victory in 2024!

French Omelette had a nice start and was third on the outside after 500 meter, which became first on the outside with app. 1100 meters left.

1000 meters in 1.18,3.

In the last turn Mats E. Djuse had everything under control and French Omelette won very easily in 1.15,0/2160 meter.

First prize: 25.000 SEK.

Watch the race: CLICK HERE

French Omelette. Arkivfoto

U Take The Cake lost her foal!

Satyrday afternoon U Take The Cake (US) began to foal out in the paddock, but unfortunately the foal (by Calgary Games) was crooked and we couldn’t save it.

Things like that sometimes happens, but it was a very sad day at the farm.

U Take The Cake’s only foal at our farm so far is 1-yo Amber Wynn (SE)(filly by Calgary Games).



Henry Wynn sold to Staffan Nilsson

Friday night at the Elitauction in Stockholm 1-yo Henry Wynn (SE)(colt by Calgaray Games-Princess Corner) was sold to the previous Jägersro-trainer Staffan Nilsson for 80.000 SEK.

Obviously the price was not satisfying and we’ve been followed by bad luck at this years auction.

Henry Wynn was actually sold for 140.000 SEK, but something went wrong and the auction was cancelled. Henry Wynn was sold again, but as the last horse at the auction!

With 12-13 horses left at the auction, all the guests was asked to leave the room. After that followed a long break before the auction started again, but it was after midnight and without too many bids.

It’s however very positive, that Henry Wynn was sold to an experienced breeder as Staffan Nilsson (the Staro-horses), which tells us, that we had an interesting and goodlooking horse. We’re sure that he will get all the best chances in the future.


Foto: Lina Alm

Photos and video of Henry Wynn

The swedish photographer Lina Alm has visited our farm and made some new photos and a video of Henry Wynn (SE)(colt by Calgaray Games-Princess Corner), who will be sold at this years Elitauktion in Stockholm – and as always she’s made an excellent and professional piece of art!


Catalogue: CLICK HERE

Strong performance of French Omelette

Thursday 4-yo French Omelette started in a fillyrace at Örebro with Magnus A. Djuse in the bike.

She had a good start and became first on the outside of the leader after 550 meter.

The leading horse – and later winner – Imaybee raced the first 500 meter in 1.13,9 and 1000 meter in 1,15,1.

French Omelette made quite a strong performance as third (10.000 SEK) in 1.14,65a/2140 meter.

Watch the race: CLICK HERE

French Omelette