Axevalla next for B G Pastor Jonte

This saturday, September 30 B G Pastor Jonte will be racing at Axevalla (1640 meter) with a first prize of 60.000 SEK.

Last time he made a break from the start, but he’s usually very stabil og in good shape.

B G Pastor Jonte is driven by Björn Goop.

Program – Axevalla: CLICK HERE

Cynical has arrived!

Today our new broodmare Cynical (US) arrived at Stutteri Wynn in Denmark!

CLICK HERE to read about Cynical.

Right now we haven’t decided a stallion for Cynical in 2023.

A Ready Cash-son would propably be perfect, but ofcourse it would be fantastic if we could have Ready Cash “himself”!

No succes for B G Pastor Jonte and Targaryan

Saturday B G Pastor Jonte was racing at Racing Arena Aalborg and monday Targaryan at Halmstad, but both horses made a break from the start and lost their chances.

B G Pastor Jonte didn’t get a prize in 1.12,9a/1640 meter and Targaryan finished 7th (5.000 SEK) in 1.15,4a/2140 meter.


Photo of Targaryan: Hesselborg Foto

“Close but no cigar”

Golden C N – co-owned with Thomas Lind-Holm – made another fine performance, but finished only fourth in Aalborg Hoppechampionat at Racing Arena Aalborg.

The winner – Global Yankee – was in the lead all the way (1.11,4/500 meter og 1.13,5/1000 meter)

Golden C N was fourth on the outside and after app. 1500 meter Flemming Jensen made his move, but eventhough Golden C N made a strong finish she couldn’t catch up with the leaders and was number four in 1.13,9a/2140 meter.

-She made a good effort, Flemming Jensen said about Golden CN after the race.

Watch the race: CLICK HERE


Photo: Burt Seeger

New broodmare

In the U.S.A. we have investet in a new broodmare, the 2-yo Chapter Seven-filly Cynical (US).

She won her qualifier in 1:59,2 (1.14,2), but needs more time and the owner didn’t want to wait. She has started twice and earned $ 330.

At last years Lexington-auction Cynical was sold for $ 165.000.

Cynicals mother, Hyperbole (Father Patrick) is a halfsister to the North American stallion Enterprise (1.09,6a-3.493.000 SEK), Live Laugh Love (1.08,5a-$ 281.000) and Guess whos Back (1.09,9a-$ 157.000).

Second dame is Shes Gone Again, a halfsister to Poof Shes Gone (1.10,3a-$ 1.359.000).

B G Pastor Jonte and Targaryan on new assignments

Saturday B G Pastor Jonte (photo) will be racing in a Liga 2-race (1640 meter) at Racing Arena Aalborg, and the program thinks he’s the winner!

First prize: 20.000 DKK.

Program – Aalborg: KLIK HER

Mandag Targaryan is also “back in action” at Halmstad i a race for 3-yo fillies (2140 meter) with a first prize of 40.000 SEK.

Program – Halmstad: KLIK HER

New triumph for Golden C N?

After the impressive triumph in Dansk Hoppe Derby Golden C N – co-owned with Thomas Lind-Holm – is ready for a new start friday night at Racing Arena Aalborg in Aalborg Hoppechampionat (2140 meter) with a first prize of 75.000 DKK.

Again she has a ddificult startingposition (10), but thinking of her last performance in, Golden C N must have a good chance to take another victory.

Program – Aalborg: CLICK HERE



Bad luck for Targaryan

Satuday Targaryan was racing at Halmstad, where she unfortunately made a break right from the start.

Afterwards Flemming Jensen gave her a “trainingjob” and she finished 7th ((5.000 SEK) in 1.23,8/2140 meter.


Photo: Hesselborg Foto

Targaryan at Halmstad

Saturday, September 10th Targaryan and Flemming Jensen is racing at Halmstad in a 3-yo fillyrace (2140 meter) with a first prize of 40.000 SEK.

Program – Halmstad: CLICK HERE


Photo: Hesselborg Foto

10 foals in 2023!

The breeding-season is now over and it’s time for an evaluation on our first, hectic season at the farm. 

It’s been very joyful for us to welcome six beautiful foals in our first season as breeders. Four were born at our danish farm i Lindknud, while the other two were borned at Silvåkra Gård and PWR Stutteri in Sweden.

Only one of the four broodmares standing in Denmark – right now – are with foal, which is quite disappointing and we have to rationalize before the next season. This single mare, however, is a very special one, Awesome Annie, who is in foal by Muscle Hill.

Awesome Annie with her Maharajah-colt Leo Wynn

Next year we’re expection eight foals at the farm in Denmark (CLICK on the names for more details):

Awesome Annie (in foal by Muscle Hill)

Wow (in foal by Calgary Games)

Princess Corner (in foal by Calgary Games)

U Take The Cake (in foal by Calgary Games)

Isolde Face (in foal by Vivid Wise As)

Pink Drink (in foal by Gimpanzee)

Jolie Journey in foal by Greenshoe)

Supreme (in foal by Call Me Keeper)

We also have Champagne Cocktail (in foal by Chapter Seven) at Silvåkra and Ivy Crown (in foal by Ready Cash) at Haras de Corneville in France. It’s very exciting and we’ll cross our fingers for a “safe journey” for both mares and foals.

This year we have seven empty broodmares, three of the are registrered in Denmark, so the preparation for an early start i 2023 have already begon. Since they’re not going to give birth to a foal, it gives us some opportunities, so probably we will send at least a couple of broodmares to France.

We’re really looking forward to next year, but first it’s almost time to seperate the mares from their foals. At home we have to after International Moni, one after Brillantissime and one after Maharajah – three colts and a filly. In Sweden two after Nuncio and Muscle Hill, who are staying in Sweden to be prepared for the auctions next year.