That’s why we’re selling

As allready mentioned we’re selling five horses – two broodmares and three racehorses – at tomorrows internetauction at CLICK HERE

Our three racehorses have been bought with breeding in mind, but at the moment we don’t have enough space at the farm for more broodmares – and to “cut down” on the broodmares to make space for the racehorses, doesn’t make any sence for a couple of reasons: The market is quite difficult and it’s impossible to deside which broodmares to let go.

Normally you would sell the theoretically poorest breedingmaterial, but we’ve chosen to sell all our three racehorses and two broodmares, which theoretically must be very interesting.

The studfee has allready been paid for two of the hottest stallions right now – Ready Cash and Tactical Landing. Both broodmares (with first class bloodlines) are french and therefore their foals can be registrered in France.

The racehorses are looking into an exiting season. Both 4-yo fillies (French Omelette and Nouchka di Quattro) – also with first class bloodlines and great capacity – are almost ready for comeback after wintertraining. Hopefully 2024 will be another great season.

Targaryan – trainer in France by Tomas Malmqvist – is also a very interesting 5-yo filly. She hahs made a break in several of her last starts, but it has not been registered in her raceline, so with a flawless race she has normally been among the best.

Maybe she french starting system will be perfect for Tagaryan. We’ve seen her winning at Åby in 1.13,9/2660 meter (world record) on a cold octorber night, so theoretically there’s a lot of money waiting for her in France or in V75 in Sweden. Varenne on Ambro Voice should also be interesting for most breeders.

We’re looking forward to a very exciting sunday at !

Targaryan. Photo: Gorm Johansen