Solvalla next for B G Pastor Jonte and Targaryan

B G Pastor Jonte (photo) started tuesday night at Jagersro, where he finished 7th (1.500 SEK) in 1.13,3a/2140 meter.

11 behind the gate was close to impossible and Flemming Jensen was never pushing him, so the horse was pretty “fresh” after the race.

Now it’s Solvalla next for both B G Pastor Jonte and Targaryan on July 7th:

Targaryan in a Breeders Course Bonusrace for fillies under 30.000 SEK (she has earned 20.688). 2140 meter meter and 125.000 SEK to the winner.

B G Pastor Jonte in a elimination-heat for “Dam SM” (Swedish championship for female drivers) with final at Soläget and a firstprize of 150.000 SEK, so it COULD be a great day – or a long and less nice dag, but we’re optimists as always!