Nouchka di Quattro finished 4th

Friday afternoon at Färjestad 4-yo Nouchka di Quattro raced in a 4-åyo fillyrace, where she finished 4th with Magnus A. Djuse in the bike in 1.14,0a/2140 meter.

She followed Gooding B.T.B. from the start – first 500 meter in amazing 1.06,2!

After that it could only get more slowly and Gooding B.T.B. took of the pace with 1.11,1/100 meter.

Out on the last round Nouchka di Quattro changed to first on the outside.

She made a strong performance and took over the lead in the last turn, but unfortunetaly she got tired and finished 4th (12.500 SEK).

Hopefully she’ll get a better race next time – she deserves that!

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June 16:
Nouchka di Quattro (Driver: Aleksi Flink) made her first start in 2024 was number 4 in 1.14,1a/2140 meter after a strong finish. Prize: 6.800 SEK.
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June 19:
French Omelette (Driver: Niclas Hammarström) started at Solvalla, where she finished 6th (9.000 SEK) after a strong finish. Next start has already been scheduled to Lindesberg on July 3rd in a qualifying race for Diamantstoet.
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June 23:
Targaryan (Kusk: Birger Jørgensen) had a very good start and was first on the outside. She was tired in the last turn, but was fine after the race and she’ll be back soon.
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Old photo of Nouchka di Quattro: Hesselborg Foto