The pieces are falling into place

The pieces are falling into place regarding our choice of stallions in 2024 (US/FR – % inbreed qoutient):

Awesome Annie goes to Maharajah (86/14 – 5 %)

Leo Wynn born in 2022 is also by Maharajah and he’s very goodlooking. Tomas Malmqvist have told os, that he’s very promissing colt, so the choice was easy.

Bring Me Luck goes to Ecurie D (86/14 – 6 %)(a little suprising that the french blood is so domination with Ecurie D)

Luck Is Back is her mostwinning offspring so far. Luck Is Back is the daughter of a Pine Chip-stallion (Scarlet Knight) and she herself is the dam of two fine Wine-foals. Ecurie D is also the daughter of a Pine Chip-stallion and at the time – extorior wise – a very beautiful horse AND a warrior on the track (a very fast warrior with a 1.07-record).

I hope this will be good!

Casual Rain goes to Bird Parker (65/35 – 1,60 %)

I wish to avoid Valley Victory-blood and her folly by Brillantissime, Lilly Wynn, is training very nice at Preben Søvik (Jägersro), so we’re hoping for early speed and strength to be united..

Champagne Cocktail goes to Face Time Bourbon (76/24 – 3,75 %)

As a sister to Sarcy (dam of Tactical Approach and Double Deciever) with Bar Hopping as father, Champagne Cocktail is really interesting. Face Time Bourbon is really hot and the 76/24-mix is perfect – teoretical this looks very exciting.

Cynical goes to Tactical Landing )100/0 – 7,60 %)

A little smaller, but very nice Chapter Seven-mare united with Tactical Landing (100 % US) with only 7,60 % inn-breed. Something of the most supreme blood; in second generation Muscle Hill  and Chapter Seven, third generation Muscle Yankey, Varenne, Windsong Legacy and Father Patrick – and in fouth generation Valley Victory, American Winner, Pine Chip, Conway Hall, Dream Vacation and Cantab Hall – what more can you wish for?

Expensive Attitude goes to Fabulous Wood (76/24- 3,50 %)

A fast Muscle Hill-mare united with “blue” french blood – once again with Ready Cash as a grandfather.

Explosive T goes to Readly Express (86/14 – 5,5 %)

Big and fine Muscle Hill-mare wo should match perfectly with Readly Express, same theori as above.

Groupie Doll goes to Gimpanzee (100/0 – 7,60 %)

This time it’s another way around: 100% US combined with super-hot Gimpanzee on Domestic Divas fantastic line. We’re dreaming of an international toptrotter!

Isolde Face goes to Calgary Games (65/35 – 6,40 %)

Here it’s 3×3 on Ready Cash which I find tempting and exciting. Calgary Games is a great stallion, so combined with a fullsister to Hannibal Face, this must be very interesting!

Pink Drink goes to Calgary Games (91/9 – 5 %)

We have four Calgary Games-yearlings this year and they’re all very fine individuals. A Father Patrick-mare combined with french blood via Calgary Games – both with an elegant exterior – it MUST be tried!

Pink Drink

Princess Corner goes to Maharajah (80/20 – 4,90%)

Princess Corner was a tough warrior herself with the best from both France and the U.S.A. through Dimitria and Tarport Lady Ann, she’s united with champion Maharajah. I have great expectations for this combination.

Spirited Chic goes to (Gotland 71/29 – 2,21%)

Line-bred on the “super-mare” Marple Frosting and with a lot of Valley Victory-blood, it’s obvious with outcross. I love Gotland and think, that this could be very interesting.

U Take The Cake goes to Readly Express 86/14 – 6,30%

As a sister to Chocolatier, Sugar Trader and Gala Dream (dam of Father Patrick) we have great expectations to this mare. She’s relative big herselv and gets a new chance to make a new Calgary Games. U Take The Cake’s first foal was after Calgary Games and she has impressed everyone – including hardcore breeders, vets and blacksmiths. An extemely beautiful model from the very start!

Wow N.O. goes to Father Patrick (100/0 – 8,85 %)

It’s not every day you see a broodmare with Hambletonian-parents. Her father (Trixton) won The Hambletionan and her mother (Bold and fresh) Hambletonian Oaks.I was thinking of Father Patrick on a Muscle Hill-mare, but thought, that it would be a little too much Valley Victory. With Trixton it’s different and the inbreed-qoutient is only 8,85 %. Father Patrick is the producer of many top-trotters; we hope that this one also will be a star!

We haven’t deciced for a stallion to Seven Cupids – Chapter Seven-mare with danish papers – so here’s a lot of opportunities.

Same story with Ivy Crown in France, who has a colt by Ready Cash and is in foal by him again. We’re still thinking about the next stallion – she’s french, so it’s another game.

Crysti Dream – coowned with Thomas Lind-Holm – is standing in the U.S. and we have decided to wait, hoping for something interesting to show up on an auction or somewhere else.

So right now – in the middle of January – most of our plans for the season are ready, and our first foal will arrive within a couple of weeks. Explosive T is expecting her first foal (by Face Time Bourbon) – it’s always exciting with first time mothers. After a hopefully succesfull experience, the foals will continue to arrive till the end of June!