Golden C N to Oslo

Next race for our “Hoppe Derby”-winner Golden C N – co-owner Thomas Lind-Holm – will be this saturday in Norway at Bjerke Racetrack in “Axel Jensens Minneløp” for 4-yo fillies.

Golden C N had quite a tough race in Grand Circle 4-års Hoppechampionat last friday in Skive, where she had to trot the last 1500 meter outside of the leader, but she’s still in good shape and we hope for a nice performance.

Axel Jensens Minneløp is 2100 meter with a first prize of 150.000 NOK.


1 A Perfect Dutchess – Frode Hamre
2 Gurli Tinghøj – Björn Goop
3 Global Yankee – Jeppe Juel
4 Golden C N – Flemming Jensen
5 I.C. Excellent – Tommy Karlstedt
6 Global Collection – Mats E. Djuse
7 Mie Frecel – Erlend Rennesvik
8 Gaby Kyvsgård – Bo Westergård
9 Katja B R – Ole Johan Østre
10 Global Creation – Johan Untersteiner
11 Thai Brooklyn – Nicklas Korfitsen
12 Creek’s Nu Love – Dag-Sveinung Dalen

Foto: Burt Seeger