French Omelette and Nouchka di Quattro second

Wednesday both French Omelette and Nouchka di Quattro finished second. 

With Flemming Jensen in the bike French Omelette startet in a 3-yo fillyrace in Skive, where she finished second behind the co-favourite Illusion – both in 1.16,9a/2060 meter.

At Bollnäs in Sweden Nouchka di Quattro made her third start for Mattias Djuse – once again with Magnus A. Djuse in the bike – and she also was number two in 1.15,6a/2140 meter.

Nouchka di Quattro was third on the outside most of the race, but on the backstretch she made her attack and a strong finish behind the winner.

Watch the race: CLICK HERE


Arkivfoto af French Omelette: Burt Seeger