1.13,3a/2140 meter was not enough!

Tuesday at Jägersro in Malmö  Targaryan with Flemming Jensen in the bike tried to qualify for Derbystoet, but just as for Nouchka di Quattro a few days earlier, the competition was very tough.

Having said that, Targaryan made an excellent performance and improved her record to 1.13,3a/2140 meter, but unfortunately that was not enough.

The great favourite Jennifer Sisu was in the lead most of the race (1.09,9/500 meter and 1.13,3/1000 meter) while Targaryan – number 8 behind the gate – did her best to keep up.

She made a very nice performance, but finished only 9th.

Wath the race: CLICK HERE

Targaryan. Photo: Gorm Johansen