Our choices for 2023

We have now decided stallions to use for our broodmares in 2023. CLICK on their names for more information!

Broodmare is registered in Denmark = DK
Broodmare is registered in Sweden = S
Broodmare is registered in France = F

Affinity Kronos (S) goes to Father Patrick.
Hudson River 1,8 mill. SEK is a very close related since his mother Lantern Kronos is a sister Affinity Kronos. 4×3 Pine Chip 8,47 % Inbreed 93/7 US/FR.

Awesome Annie (DK) is set to foal in june by Muscle Hill, so she wont be bred in 2023.

Bring Me Luck U S (S) goes to Francesco Zet
8,38 % Inbreed 100 % US. A new and very interesting stallion. Only foal with a 100 % US-blood.

Casual Rain (DK) goes to Maharajah
We’d like to avoid Valley Victory-blood and Maharajah is always very popular. 3×4 American Winner, 10,71 % Inbreed 95/5 US/FR.

Champagne Cocktail (S)  goes to Gotland
An interesting Ready Cash-son, 2,50 % Inbreed 78/22 US/FR blood)

Crysti Dream (S)
We’re hoping for Chapter Seven for Crysti Dream, but right now we haven’t decided yet.

Cynical (DK) goes to Maharajah
Inbreed down to 5,73 %, 95/5 US/FR. A Chapter Seven-daughter combined with swedish/french stregth.

Explosive T (S) goes to Face Time Bourbon
Inbreed down to 3,31 % , 76/24 US/FR. Ready Cash-son on Muscle Hill-daughter.

Groupie Doll U.S. (S) goes to Readly Express
Exterior-wise a perfect match. 4×4 på American Winner, 5,95 % Inbreed, 86/14 US/FR.

Isolde Face (S) goes to Tactical Landing
Perfect US/FR-mix – exterior is also very important in this match. 3,34 % Inbreed, 74/26 US/FR.

Ivy Crown (F) goes to Ready Cash.
Ready Cash on a Love You-daughter is a very good match, Ivy Crowns second mare (grandmother), Une Crown, is the mother of Etta Extra and second mare to horses like Fabulous Wood and Follow You, og third mare to Face Time Bourbon. You have to rights to dream! Inbreed på 4,17 % , 50/50 US/FR.

Jolie Journey (S) goes to Nuncio
I’m quite imporessed with Nuncio. Jolie has a Nuncio-colt from 2022, a great-looking foal, standing perfectly on his legs and easy to work with, so we decided to go for Nuncio once more. Inbreed onyl 2,75 % , 72/28 US/FR.

Pink Drink (S) goes to Calgary Games
Inbreed 5,18 % , 91/9 US/FR. Pink Drink is inbred 3×4 on Cantab Hall, so I think Calgary Games will be a great match.

Princess Corner (S) goes to Father Patrick
Just a perfect match. Inbreed 4,13%, 85/15 US/FR.

Seven Cupids (DK) goes to Calgary Games,
I have great expectations for Calgary Games as a stallion and again a Chapter Seven-daughter combined with swedeish/french strength. Inbreed 5,47 % , 91/9 US/FR.

Spirited Chic (DK) goes to Readly Express
We’d like to have less Valley Victory-blood and more french blood. Spirited Chic herself is a linebred on Marple Frosting. Inbreed again down to 5,54 % , 86/14 US/FR.

Supreme (S) is set to foal in june, så she propably wont be bred next year.

U Take The Cake (S) goes to Calgary Games
4×3 on Valley Victory. Inbreed 7,11% , 90/10 US/FR should be a perfect match,

Wow N.O. (S) goes to Maharajah
Inbreed 7,71% , 95/5 % US/FR. Maharajah on a daughter of a Hambletonian-winner/Hambletonian Oaks-winner = Quality!

We have been lucky to get most of the stallions we wanted for the next season, However, we had to have a little help from Jeanette Hansen (Panamera Racing) and Thomas Lind Holm (Stutteri Dust) to close the deals on Ready Cash and Francesco Zet på plads; we’re very thankful for their help.

The “idea” to the 2024-foals has now been created. Now it’s time to begin the journey to get there. Let’s hope, that hard work, a good spirit, positive energy and a lot of luck will help get os there!

Happy New Year to all our friends!