No succes for French Omelette

Friday night French Omelette was racing at Romme in Sweden, but after some very promissing performances – both for Flemming Jensen and lately for Mattias Djuse – she had a bad day and finished 9th in 1.18,0a/2140 meter.

French Omelette made a break shortly before start and was last on the outside – later fourth on the outside.

First 1000 meter in 1.17,0.

Magnus A. Djuse tried an attack with 650 meters left, but French Omelette was clearly not herself.

She should not have started. She wasd not 100 % in the first “teststart” but normal in the second, which was the reason why Mattias Djuse desided to start her yesterday.

Now French Omelette will be checked thoroughly and then we’ll take it from there.

Watch the race: CLICK HERE